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Solar LED Street Lights
The Solar Street Light system is specially designed for outdoor application in un-electrified remote rural areas as well as urban solar electrification to conserve energy. This system is an ideal application for campus and village street lighting. The system is provided with battery storage backup sufficient to operate the light for 12-14 hours daily. The system is provided with automatic ON/OFF time switch for dusk to down operation and overcharge / deep discharge prevention cut-off with LED indicators.

General Specifications
NESSL-09 9W/12V 42Ah/12V 37W/12V 5
NESSL-12 12W/12V 65Ah/12V 70W/12V 5
NESSL-15 15W/12V 75Ah/12V 75W/12V 5
NESSL-18 18W/12V 100Ah/12V 100W/12V 5
NESSL-24 24W/12V 130Ah/12V 130W/12V 6
NESSL-30 30W/12V 150Ah/12V 150W/12V 6
NESSL-36 36W/12V 180Ah/12V 180W/12V 7

Features & Applications
  • Remote areas where conventional electricity is not available Parking lots, College campus, Residential complex etc.
  • Automatically switch on & off at dusk and dawn.
  • Warranty of 2 year from the date of installation and 10 years performance warranty for solar Modules.
  • Environment friendly with no UV radiations emitted.

General Electrical / Mechanical Specification
  • System Operating Voltage- 12V
  • LED USED- 1W to 3W LED Make- Seoul Semiconductor/Osram
  • Driver Circuit efficiency- above 85%
  • Load disconnect- 11.2V +0.2 (Battery Voltage)
  • Load reconnect- 12.5V + 0.2 (Battery voltage)
  • Protection- High Cut-off, Low Cut-off, Reverse Polarity
  • Battery Used- VRLA SMF battery 12V at C/20 rate
  • System Autonomy- 3 days (48 hours continuous burning operation)
  • Indicator- Green LED- Charging Mode Red LED- Low Battery
  • Luminary Body- Aluminum die cast/ plastic
  • Luminary Protection- IP65
  • Pole- Tubular MS Painted/galvanized with solar panel mounting Frame and Battery box( MS sheet/FRP/Plastic)
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