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Navaid Energy’s(NE) Marine LED Leading Light (Model- NE-10) is a highly efficient leading light for Port Channel Approach comes with a range of 10-12NM with 2 degree divergence angle for achieving highest range with lowest power, cost effective, maintenance free service, can be easily installed. LM -6 is used for lantern body. The special Navaid Energy’s narrow beam angle makes it highly optical efficient leading light. The NEL-10 is sturdily built to high specification to maintain its optical and electrical properties throughout its lifetime.

  • Based on LED-technology and its colors complies to IALA Recommendations E-200-1
  • 2° Narrow beam spread
  • Extremely reliable - long lifetime
  • Very low power consumption
  • Stabilized light output
  • Rugged and robust Aluminum Alloy all weather body
  • Easy to install and Maintenance friendly
  • Dual-Unique Optics for LED for achieving highly accurate beam of light
  • UV Stabilized polycarbonate clear Lens for narrow beam angle
  • Cost effective
  • Long life span
  • Comes with Three (3) years warranty*
  • Completely indigenous design require less lead time
  • Applications- Leading Tower, Approach Tower for Ports, Breakwater in ports etc
  • Controlled by NavAid Programmable Flasher (NPF-100) with 256 IALA recommended Flash

A) Electrical Parameters-
  • Operating Voltage- 12V DC/24DC/220V AC
  • Lamp Source- High Power LED
  • Power-8W to 10W
  • Operation- Flashing
  • LED Life- upto 100000Hours
  • Vertical Divergence- 2°
  • Sun Switch- Provided
  • Flasher- Programmable 256 Flash Character as per IALA Standard
  • Color- White/Red/Green/Amber
  • Connecting Cables- Provided
  • GSM-GPS Remote Monitoring- (Optional)
  • GPS Flash Synchronization- (Optional)

B) Mechanical Parameters-
  • Body- Aluminum Alloy Cast Body LM6 Marine Grade
  • Lens Type/Dome- UV Stabilized Polycarbonate
  • Gasket- Silicon based
  • Weight- 6Kg approx
  • Mounting- 4/3 x 200mm PCD with M 12
  • Cable Gland provided
  • IP66/67 Standard
  • Certifications- CE-13035, ISO9001 :2008, NSIC MSME
  • Warranty- 3years*

C) Photometric Parameters--
  • Range- 10-12NM @ T-0.74
  • Colour – White/Red/Green/Amber
  • Vertical radiation pattern 8°
  • Single Tier LED Configuration

Note- Due to continuous innovation, research & product improvement, the specifications in this product information sheet are subject to change without prior notice

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