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Solar LED Aviation Light (SNAL-4)
Navaid Energy's SNAL-4 is medium intensity Solar LED obstruction light with a range of 4-6NM with 144mm Polycarbonate lens for long term use, cost effective, zero maintenance and easy to installed with 256 flashing characters. SNAL-4 can be used as obstruction light on High Rise Buildings, Towers, Telecom towers, Chimneys etc.


Long Life
Strong & Robust
No Maintenance
Shok & Vibration Resistance
UV Stabalised Polycarbonate Lens

Technical Specifications
  • Aviation Light - LED Type (RED)
  • No. of LED- 12Nos. (High Brightness LED)
  • Operating Voltage- 12V DC
  • Electronics- Microcontroller based
  • Charge Controller- Inbuilt
  • Sun-Switch- Inbuilt
  • Solar Panel- 10W/12V X 2Nos
  • Battery (SMF)- 18Ah/12V
  • Operation- Flashing Light
  • Dome- UV Stabilized Polycarbonate Lens
  • Light Operation- Automatic Dusk to Dawn
  • Body- Aluminum Cast (water proof)
  • Mode available- Stationary/ Flashing
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