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Navaid Leading Light
The NLL is a special lantern for leading light use. It is sturdily built to high specification to ensure that the lantern can maintain its optical properties throughout its lifetime. The lantern base is made in marine grade aluminium coated with powder spray painting. The mounting bracket is made of galvanized steel, and all bolts and screws are of stainless steel. The leading light lantern is delivered with a High Intensity LED Lamp. The optics consists of two concentric lenses, the inner lens acting as a condenser/projector lens, while the outer lens squeezes the beam to the desired angle, 40, 8 , 16 or 32 . The leading light lanterns can be supplied with clear, red, green or yellow lenses. Due to its excellent luminousity even at low power, the NLL leading light lantern is perfectly suited for solar panel powered units.

Technical Specifications
Lens diamter 210mm
Lens material Polycarbonate
Light Source High Intensity LED
Peak Intensity From 2.200 (2/2W) cd to 86.700 cd (100/100W)
vertical Divergenc 40, 80, 160 or 320
Colours Red/Green/Yellow/White
Signal Standards IALA
Fixing of the base M12x4 at 160x 160
Weight 14 Kg
Dimensions (WXLXH) 260 x 430 x 425

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