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These Buoys are used for marking of channels, bay's and rivers, within the buoy body is filled with polyurethane foam A Smooth outside 8 mm gel- coat of Red, Green, Yellow or white prevents fibreglass from weathering on the surface and insures resistance to colour fading, it also provides good adhesive surface for retroflective markings.

The featurers of GRP Buoys are as follows.
  • Un sinkable
  • Long service life
  • Anti corrosion
  • Easy to handle
  • No Painting
  • Increased interval between servicing. Environment Friendly no use of Toxic antifouling paints. Day marks can be painted with fluorescent paint if required. Both lighted and unlighted buoys are available in various sizes and for all systems of buoyage can be supplied.
The featurers of GRP Buoys are as follows.
Dia Meter (mm) Height (mm) Draft (mm)
1 300 2280 500
1500 2300 500
2000 4500 1600
2500 4500 1600
3000 5000 1700

Table of Chains (Guide Line OnlY)
Buoys Diameter (mm) Chain (mm) Sinkers Weight (Kgs)
1300 mm 16 mm 300
1500 mm 18 mm 500
2000 mm 26 mm 1000
2500 mm 32 mm 1500
3000 mm 38 mm 2000
It is requested that the following particulars may please be furnished to enable us'to make a proper study and offer advice in the matter.
  1. A Hydrographic charu Plan of the area in which the Buoys are proposed to be' laid-indiCating the proposed location of the Buoys the depth of water etc.
  2. The details oi the curient
  3. The nature of the holding ground I sea bottom at the various locations.
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